April 26th, 2007

This may be a totally stupid thing to point out...

If everyone knows this, please just ignore me. *blush*

I stumbled on Ai No Kusabi by accident. I had read some fanfic based off of it and wasn't aware it was fanfic, that there was an anime with the characters. When I did discover this, I decided as much as I loved the characters, I should watch it. I searched it on Youtube and found the whole thing posted up there, fansubbed and all.

Now, the reason I bring this up is that I spoke to a friend who LOVES anime and she had said she had been looking for it for awhile, so I referred her to the link, and seeing people discussing having to download it *not that that's a bad idea, so you could have it permanently, since it does seem to shift on youtube* I just thought it might be easier for some people to see at Youtube. Again, I'm only trying to be helpful, and if this is already known, please just ignore me. *blush* I didn't have time to read back and see if this had already been brought up, and I just wanted to share the love....Um, yeah, anyway, that's all. :) Thanks for listening.
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