April 3rd, 2007

You're Mine

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I've just recently becomes fascinated with Ai no Kusabi.

As a fan of both boylove and manga/anime, naturally I enjoy combining the two. In my search for yaoi and gay anime and manga, I began to come across information on Ai no Kusabi. After seeing a large selection of gorgeous images, both from novel illustrations and the anime, and some very tantalizing plot summaries that made my heart go pitter-pat, I was so sad to learn that an English translation was not available in America.

On a side note: Is anyone else shocked at what makes it's way to the American market and what doesn't? Dear media markets: We will gladly trade you the corn-cob scene from My Sexual Harassment and all of Sensitive Pornograph for a good subtitled DVD of Ai no Kusabi.

I was really glad to see the last post about the novel being released though. I'm currently reading a fan translation of it that I downloaded a fan site and it truly is beautiful. I'm looking forward to being able to have a place to discuss it as I read. I'm halfway through the first chapter and am hoping to finish it tonight.

Anyway, I hate to ask, and please tell me if these kinds of requests aren't allowed here, but is there anyone out there who's got a copy of the anime and is able to make copies and share the love? I'll gladly reimburse for postage and the cost of blank recording media.

Thank you.