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After a long, hot shower, Riki exited the shower stall and carelessly wrapped a short, white bath towel, low on his hips, exposing his tanned legs and upper body. His legs and thighs were hard and muscular, his upper body firm and ripped. The mesmeric flow of his body had been meticulously sculpted by the excruciating labor he was forced to undertake for the last fifteen years, since his departure from Amoi.

With water droplets still clingy to his body like morning dew, he grabbed another towel and starting rubbing it against his wet hair, while he blindly walked into his room. Feeling a slight, warm wind against his naked body, he removed the towel from his head to investigate the source. As he raised his head towards the source, his heart palpitated wildly, and his breath caught in his throat. Unable to breathe properly, he stood immobile for what seemed like an eternity, unable to believe what he was seeing. There, leaning against the balcony door frame, with the bright morning sun rising behind him, further accentuating his power and elegance, stood Iason, reserved and expressionless.
Shocked to his very core at seeing Iason alive and well, Riki raised his hands away from his sides, showcasing his naked body, and disdainfully smirks at Iason, “Like what you see? It’s been fifteen years. Why don’t you give me a proper greeting before you start fucking me with your eyes?”

In a couple of lightning quick strides, Iason strodes up to Riki, crouched down and grabbed his knees, hoisted Riki over his shoulder like a ragged doll, and carried him over to the bed. Iason dropped Riki on the edge of the bed and stood over him, silently studying him. Stunned by the sudden attack, Riki could only sit on the edge of the bed and stare up at Iason. With the wind knocked out of him and breathing heavily, Riki fell back onto the bed and chuckled, “Still the same old fucking bastard”.

With the towel undone and gone, Iason’s pale blue eyes darkened with desire. As Iason slowly bent down to lie on top of Riki, Riki grabbed hold of Iason’s shoulders and flipped Iason onto his back. Riki then quickly lifted himself off the bed to cover Iason’s upper body with his. Riki sat up, on top of Iason’s abdomen and straddled Iason’s waist between his thighs. The palms of his hands, spread out on Iason’s broad chest. Riki looked at Iason’s face, staring deeply into his eyes, as if he was searching for something.

The move Riki pulled on him was so astonishing and unexpected, it rendered him immobile. Even though his emotions and desires were spiraling out of control, he did not dare to move, for fear that Riki would disappear. If this was a dream, then he wanted it to go on and on. He had been looking and waiting for Riki for fifteen years. His hands were itching to touch Riki, to make love to him, but he knew that if he did not get his emotions under control first, he would end up physically hurting Riki because of his passion. Looking at Riki's face, Iason caught a rare glimpse of desire blazing in his eyes. As Iason raised his hands to touch Riki, Riki’s eyes glazed over with a burning hunger, an appetite as mighty as his own.

Riki bent over Iason’s face, whispered his name, and gently covered Iason’s lips with his own. Gently at first, but deeply and more fervently with every kiss thereafter, hurling him into total bliss. For the first time ever, his pet was going to make love to him.
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