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Ai no Kusabi #2

Taming or being tamed?

"Obey, pet. Or do you want an increase of punishment?"

Your blue eyes shone with cold threat as the silky, velvety but oh, so cold command of yours rang off the silvery steel walls of the training room.

"Screw you!!" Ah....if only the disobedient mongrel truly knew of his disadvantaged position. Alas, he was only too foolish to realise it. The hefty pants of the exotic mongrel sent tingles up your spine.

And you knew that they were the work of the mongrel in front of you. Even without trying, the mongrel set an asexual blondie on liquid, hot, and fierce fire.

The signals from your ring sent painfully pleasurable spasms to the D-type ring that wrapped around tightly on the mongrels manhood. Tightening by seconds each time the mongrel refused to obey you, the head of Tanagura syndicate, the head of thirteen blondies, the head elite. Or any other names that the common public and syndicate members had glued to your person.

He was the only one that had dared to not only disobey you, but actually lash back at you. The way he was so fierce, so untameable, so full of life was becoming maddening to you day by day. So much that it actually sent pleasure signals to the depths of your only organic brain.

You wanted to pull out that strong heart. Feel it beating. Taste that life energy that kept that life energetic.

Wether you were a really horrible sadist or just a complete masochist. Was it even possible for you to be either of those?

"Ah...! Hah!" The mongrel bit his lips in order to keep his moans to himself. It obviously wasn't working well, little whimpers escaped his sensuous lips occasionally. Oh, how those moans worked against own your will.

"Everything could be so easy if had just listened to me....we would've even be finished by now..." Stop purrs of bewitchery escaped in a velvet veil from your artificially engineered lips.

"Fuck off and leave me the fuck alone!" So full of hate. That glare was quickly becoming your ultimate aphrodisiac these days.

"Waaah!!" Riki threw his head back in blinding, burning, mixture of pain-pleasure. The D-type ring pulsed with rhythm. It rendered him helpless as his approaching orgasm was blocked several times during the last minutes.

Your clear blue eyes hardened as the command rang off the walls once more. Your lips curling into a bastard of a malicious smile.

"Say it. And we'll stop for today..." You spoke as if you're the snake that had tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Destining the poor human to a life of helplessness.

The mongrel didn't answer. But he trembled helplessly instead .

Your fingers moved as you went to touch the ring again. To increase the torture.

The mongrel trembled violently before the whisper of a voice spoke "Master....."

"Hm? I didn't hear it. Say it louder, pet." Even though your enhanced hearing had clearly heard what the mongrel had to say, the cruel you didn't hesitate to torture the poor mongrel.

"Ahh!!" The once fierce eyes screwed tight as a particularly large wave of pain washed over him. "Master...! Please finish me!" Clearly the words were spoken with utter, complete shame and embarrassment.

"Good boy." Satisfaction wafted over you as the boys screams got louder from his oncoming climax. Pleasure, utter pleasure left you breathing hard as the pleasure centres of your brain was signalled.

'My pet....truly has a quite beautiful voice....'

Your lips curled to a cruel, cruel smile.


Here I am....writing another shot...I got inspired to write this from another fanfic...but I don't quite remember the name....*scratches head* so, yeah, Enjoy!
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