raphaella_x (raphaella_x) wrote in ai_no_kusabi_,

The music of ANK

I've only recently downloaded both the OVA, but I'm as hooked as can be (truth be told I actually downloaded the first ages ago and promptly deleted it - bad me). The music, I found, was really good, I'm such a music obsessed idiot. I managed to download the soundtrack from http://community.livejournal.com/anime_downloads/ (recently posted yesterday), but the track I most wanted wasn't there. It's the music played when Guy is rigging the bombs, and Iason is on his way to retrive Riki. (Actually, the music starts with Riki waking up and ends with him being found.) If anyone has this I would be most grateful - hell, I'll even draw you something (the best reward I can give, I'm a bit of an artist). Or write? I'm pathetically desperate to get this music.

Thanks for reading.
Tags: cddrama/soundtrack

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