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AnK novel vol8 presale!

AnK vol8 cover

“When I was in Eos I thought I would never back down, never give in. Even in the last three years in Eos, I was a slumdog to all of them, but that was what I had pride in. …But since coming to Apatia… I thought it was meaningless to keep holding onto that. And when I’m with Iason, my head spins and I can’t help it.”
It dawned on Katze at last. The one who changed wasn’t just Iason. It was Riki as well. “So you love him,” Katze said matter of factly.

Riki, the Ceres slumdog, has a new cage: Apatia, the place where the elites of Midas hide their mistresses—and their human pets. Iason Mink has allowed Riki to live in Apatia under the watchful eye of Katze. Determined to earn a measure of freedom by working as Katze’s assistant in the underground again, even while remaining Iason’s sexual pet, Riki tries to leave the past behind.
But unknown to him, forces are at work that will make this impossible.
Word is leaked to Bison that Riki has been spotted in Apatia, and once Guy hears this, nothing will stop him from going after Riki. As the Bison members reunite to try to take back their former leader, Guy makes a final desperate attempt to turn back the clock—to change things back to the way they were when Riki and Bison ruled the streets of Ceres.
And what happens next—changes everything forever."

So, long wait ends now for some of the fans: Ai no Kusabi novel vol8 is up on Akadot!

The rest of us who preordered will have to wait July… -_-

Happy reading ladies! ^^

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