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Ai no Kusabi Volume 8 Release And My Ai no Kusabi DVD Review

Hello, folks! Not only did my Ai no Kusabi DVD came in today from Media Blasters, but today is the release date of Volume 8 of the series, courtesy of DMP/June! Check it out here~ http://www.junemanga.com/books/913/

Now, onto my review! I really just skimmed the episodes on the DVD, but it was enough in my opinion.

Good points: Quality is great, of course; Scenes Selection; Subtitles option; Promotional videos (nothing special, really, but it was nice of them to put it on); and Creditless Opening and Endings (yes, they did it for all of them.)

Bad points: The only compliant have on this is the subtitles themselves. Media Blasters did not translate the the dialogue word for word; instead, they merely get straight to the point (Ex: The scene where Orphe told Iason that Riki needs a "lesson in bed", which was the translation used by Aarinfantasy, was translated into "We need to discuss it carefully again. Iason.") Not only that, they also messed up some of the characters' names, like Raoul's name (put it out as "Raul", but for some strange reason, they had "Raoul" in the very end credits). They also try not to use words like "sex" and "come" a lot, but they still use it. There are also a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm not pleased with how it was handled.

Still, I think fans should still buy the release. I understand that supporting the anime is still important no matter what, especially when that anime is yaoi. Yaoi is very hard to come by in the U.S, and sure, you can watch pirated stuff off the web, but just keep in mind that stuff is going to get deleted off sites like YouTube sooner or later and watching from stuff like that only HURTS the anime industry.
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