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Some CD Dramas Tracks

Surpringly, I found some tracks from the remake CD Dramas for Ai no Kusabi after a lot of searching. They're on a site called Mp3linova. However, it's not all of it and out of order. Still, I thought it'd be cool to share it with everyone since it's hard to find anything relating to the series.

Also, remember to support the Ai no Kusabi franchise by buying the DVDs that are set to be release on April 23, thanks to Media Blasters. If the DVD sells well enough, then AIC might have enough money to produce the next eight episodes for the 2012 remake! Spread the word, and buy the DVDs so AIC can get the money to continue our beloved series. You can order at these websites like Rightstuf and Amazon. :)
Tags: cddrama/soundtrack, new ank remake, oav/anime

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