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Bonus story for remake OVA : CH3 Impulse


Title Impulse

Author: Rieko Yoshihara

Info: A bonus story published in 2012 with Ai no Kusabi OVA1-4 limited edition.

Thanks to Zoe for the scans, many thanks to a_ngua for giving me translation advices, and labingi for doing the quality check ^^

download: mediafire 4shared

This story booklet was exchange by coupons from limited edition. It contains four chapters, all follow the timeline.


CH1: The pure bred pet, Aaron, was disposed after being Iason's pet for 6 months. Daryl is witnessing Aaron being taken away by security guard.

This story was written in a very distant tone and from Daryl perspective.

CH2: After Iason disposes of his pet, Raoul recommend some pure bred pets to him. Meanwhile Iason is thinking how to lure Riki to be his pet and ask Katze to spy on Riki.

This chapter revolves around the conversation between Raoul and Iason.

CH3: Riki's first time in EOS

CH4: Continue right after CH3; Riki refuses to eat in the first few days and swears to kill Iason one day (well, he made it :/ ). Iason orders Daryl to take off Riki clothes and make him naked for few months. Daryl is shocked to find out Iason read the nurturing diary of pet.

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