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New member with some questions!

Hello everyone! I'm Melly and I've been a fan of ANK for a while now. I found this community through a link and thought it would be great to have some friends I could chat with! Anyway I hope this isn't against the rules( and i'm sorry if it is, I'm new to this), but I did have some questions if I could! Anyway here goes:

1: Many moons ago I remember the "Taming Riki" series before the lady (Kira something?) made her own website and you had to pay to read it. Now it's like it has become bigger than the original!!!!! Most FF's and FA I see is based on her work. Apparently she has made her own comic based on her FF? I'm so confused with the whole thing? Is she working with the real owners/creators of ANK? I just don't get it >.<'. Should I be considering her works as part of the real OVA/novel.

2:I just got back into the fandom ( I saw the OVA before I even knew anything) and I guess there was a novel first? Then an OVA, then a new novel and OVA?!?! I'm so confused??! I feel like I'm lost!! I don't know where to start or end!

Sorry if this is against the rules or annoying! I'm just brain muddled and need some guidance??

Thanks and I look forward to some new friends!!
Tags: fanfics, novel, oav/anime, questions, taming riki/kira, thoughts/discussions

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