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Finally decided to post something to make offical the fact that I joined and that I have stopped stalking this place, so HI everyone, though I must admit that I was finally able to see the OVA's till this week, my sweet friend of mine telling me that I had too much an innocent mind to see it and was only on the league of Gravitation and Loveless, well in the end apparently she realized I could see it *sighs* So angry that she waited so long...till I turned 20 to show it to me ¬¬

So for almost seven years I have to strive and live with images, arts and safe rated -according to my friend- screescaps of the OVA as well as small, also safe rated, pieces of fiction but now that I finally seen it well I grew obsessed with it and I'm quite interested on checking the novels, besides finally being able to read "Taming Riki" by Kira Takenouchi without much problem now.

Also like most people that have seen Ai no Kusabi (at least the ones that I know) I'm completely obsessed with Iason Mink, gosh wasn't he a real handosome blondie and Riki was so lucky *envies* also I'm a fan of Katze (though wasn't it only me or he kind of looked like Squall of FF VIII?) Well anyway, me happy of being part of this community though I have some doubts concerning the world of Ai no Kusabi.
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