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I have a question about AnK novel

I read the english version of ai no kusabi volumes 1-6 and I also read the unfinished translation of the original one volume edition here: http://arcana.weaselhut.net/AnKindex.html But it seems there is still another version?? I don't remember reading about a character called migel and about riki being stabbed in the 5th volume english version.. but there is a version of Ank where that happens in volume 5, and the whole story is completed in 6 volumes in japanese?
it's found here:
I'm kind of confused because this version has a different summary from the one that i've read.. so is this version different from the english one that is published in america?

I am just frustrated cause I really just want to read the story in english. but even the one volume edition that was published like 20 years ago doesn't have an english version. of all the yaoi novels.. >.> and none of Rieko yoshihara's other novels have english version. it really sucks. I just read the drama version of Gin no requiem .. it was also really sad and made me teary even if it was just bits of scenes from the novel. but I guess there is no chance for that to be translated to english as well. 
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