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In memory of Shingo Araki

Shingo Araki has got no connection to Ai No Kusabi, he was not involved in any BL anime but nevertheless I need to write something in his memory, he was among the n.1 anime character artists in my opinion if not the n.1 with a carreer that easily spanned 50+ years.

His drawing style is what partially gave shape to the word Bishonen (beautiful boys) and in his carreer he created a lot of bishonen (Lady Oscar/Rose of Versailles, Saint Seiya/Knights of the zodiac, Ufo Robot Grendizer and many many others). If you liked fluent animantion and extremely good looking characters you could not dismiss his work. He definately improved the already well drawn characters of Go Nagai, Masami Kurumada and Ryoko Ikeda.

He didn't die of old age or disease unfortunately, as it happened to our beloved Kaneto, it was an accident (drowning in the swimming pool). That makes it all even more sad because it was something that could be avoided.

Of the millions of fanarts dedicated to him, this is what I feel could represent him better. His Bronze Saints looking at the sky following his star.

Here are a couple of places on the internet to see a collection of his works!/pages/-Shingo-Araki-Michi-Himeno/38328183346!/groups/44901688323/

this blog actually wants to collect fanart in his honor

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