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Hi every one, I'm a long time lurker first time poster. I'm sorry that the first time i make myself known is with a request for help but at this point I'm totally desperate.

My old computer crashed a few weeks ago and when it did all of my old files that i had saved were totally gone!
I'm searching for two stories from the Ai No Kusabi fandom.

One I had saved was a fic that was pretty old. I remember Riki was kidnapped and held with his kidnappers pet who had blue hair wand painted beautiful pictures. The pet was not supposed to talk to Riki but he eventually did. In the end Iason came for Riki (because he's a total BAMF). I think the story had a sequel in which iason got another pet who was young and he and riki got along really. clearly i don't remember all  that much. :/

But I think the most troubling thing i've lost is the saved files i had to Kira T.'s Taming Riki saga. I used to have the web pages saved in a zip file. I was able to recover all of  Taming Riki Volume 1(from chapter 1-63) with the waybackmachine.org but i was unable to reclaim any of the second story (where the commander finds his pet on his ship) because Kira has taken her website down (again :/).

does anyone have a copy of this story?

will you please help me? these stories are stuck in my brain and I'd really like to read them again.
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