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Catching up with the ANK Community

Hi! I've been gone from the ANK community for a while now as Real Life continuously interrupts my private yaoi time, and then I had a serious problem with accessing my Livejournal account so I was REALLY on the fringe until recently. But now I'm back, and I hear the ANK world has fallen to absolute CRAP. :(
1:) I thought a new OVA was supposed to be released some time in 2010, but now I'm hearing that it's been CANCELLED! Someone PLEASE tell me what's going on! :( They had all of these cool trailers released that made it seem like things were going in the right direction! :(
2:) What the heck is going on with Kira Takenouchi and her website!? I went to kirafix.net to see if I could get the rest of Taming Riki II and see if I could find anything on Taming Riki III, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get into the site, which was up a few months ago, back in Fall 2010 when I last went there (told you: I've been away fror a WHILE :P lol ). :\ It's been shut down--did she find Jesus again or get sick again or get sued again? I'm really concerned, what happened to her site? It was so pretty, and I thought she was doing really well. :( 
3:) Is there ever going to be a continuation of the original AnK novel? It seems like it stopped after Chapter 6--when is the rest going to be made/released; does anyone know? 

I am just totally out of the loop here *facepalm*. Anyone know what's going on? :( 
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