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Hi, I'm new here, I've only recently came across AnK and I'm in love with the story. I've been going tru this comm and I haven't found this links posted, so hopefully they are new to you, if not  they stay recorded for new fans like myself

Clubzip ai no kusabi - this site includes a description of the author works, interviews with the author, merchandise,  and the doujinshi Mesmerizing made by  CHIEH/CAMILLA/李瑤/HAYATO/L.L./SALLY. This dj is viewble in English online, i leave the separate links here

Stop by Chieh here
Ank doujinshi by Camilla - the link is broken here
Prisoners ban love by Li Yao here
Black room here
Only you by Hayato here
Awake by LL here
Possible maybe by Sally here

You can save some of the works at the gallery, does anyone know how to save the flash??

Doujinshi Wasteland

Ai no kusabi manga world here , a lots of art

Alexandria AnK russian blog. Aparently they like to think of actors/models who can play the caracters :D
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