🎉🎉 Vol 7 fan-translation (Discord) RELEASE! 🎉🎉

Amber, @junekusabi​ and I are proud to present to you the fan-translation of Vol 7 (part of the AnK restoration project), now available on the Amoi Discord server on the # pet-salon channel!

-> https://discord.com/invite/K6BJyZA ! <-

Come grab your copy of the brand new, 183 page long fan-translation of Vol 7 of the Ai no Kusabi series, including the unreleased colored illustrations scanned by @kaikold​! 💕

A must-read and big event for all AnK-fans: If you’ve read the official English translation of Vol 7 before, you have missed on a lot of content that was cut/possibly censored from the Japanese version, especially on those last two chapters 😉

A read-along is planned on the Discord server where we’ll talk about each chapter separately, so come join the fun! -> (You feel that after reading Vol7, some mysterious events leave you with more questions than answers? 👀 Secrets, part of the elusive subplot of AnK, will be revealed there on the server!)


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Ai no Kusabi: Vol7 Retranslation Project announcement

What were your first impressions when you read Vol7&8 of the AnK paperback series?

You may have noticed the illustrator had changed, but did you know the English translator had too, and that less than 50% of the book you’ve read is accurate, and that 45% of the original Japanese text has been cut/censored compared to the English version? Would you like to read it?

If so; then allow me to present to you the project that started on the Amoi discord server in August 2020: the restoration/retranslation project of volume 7&8.

Thanks to Kaikold who scanned & uploaded the Japanese original volumes on GGdrive, the official English version was compared to the Japanese in tables and a first draft of the retranslation has been completed.

The project will now enter the proofreading stage for Volume 7(checking the accuracy of the fan-translation & some editing), and I’d like to share the results on this first stage:

During translation, 3 different colors have been used to “rate” the official English version of vol7:

Green is for the text that is correct (だから——というわけでもないが。ここ五日ほど、リキの足は別館から遠のいていた。Official: But this is not the reason why, for the last five days, Riki has not set foot in the salon.)

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SNOW Chapter 2: The Thaw

Summary: After his discovery at Dana Burn, Riki continues on his way to Katze's headquarters to get some much-needed answers. Katze in turn, is most surprised at his reunion with none other than his former Master, albeit in a somewhat altered form.

Rating: M, mostly for violence, cursing and Pet references

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Thank you for reading, please review !!! ;-)
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Entering the space between: Do you want to read the novels with us?

Hi folks!

A few months ago, the members of the ANK discord server joined forces to organise a read-along event beginning in January 2019.

So how does it work?

Well, we start with Stranger, then in February we read Destiny, and so on. The idea is that everyone will read the novels on their own schedule during the month and join a designated chat to share their opinions and discuss the books with other fans of the series.

To join the book discussions you need to be a member of the Discord, so here's an invite! Join in, confirm you're 18+ and request access to the NSFW channels, and you're all set!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or utauda14 - we're happy to welcome you in!

In the meantime, please spread the word about the event, and don't worry if you don't have the books on you: we're going to share online copies of the English translations with anyone who asks!

See you then!

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Join fans on DW!

Following the Tumblr purge, many ANK-themed blogs on Tumblr were taken down or made private. In addition to this wonderful community and the Discord, there is now a Dreamwidth community for ANK fans. If you're interested in joining or subscribing, please follow this link. Thank you!