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Do I Have What It Takes?

*.¸¸.·´¨`»...-*My Application*-...«´¨`·.¸¸.*
0.What do you like to be called?
Karin (car-in like a car)
0.Any nicknames? Karizzle
0.How old are you? 15
0.Chick or Dude? Chick
0.Whats your location? Los Angeles, CA
0.Sexual prefrence?: Hetro
0.Dating Status(if taken for how long)?: Taken, 3 months
0.Tell us something about yourself. I'm a vegetarian.

What do you think about…? *MORE THAN 5 FLIPPIN WORDS PLEASE
Love makes a person whole. True love can withstand anything, and love is what the world needs more of.
0.Same-Sex Marriages: I'm for it because I believe that being homosexual is a genetic thing. That means people cannot help that they're gay, so I don't think the law should hold them back from marrying the person they love just because they can't reproduce. They can always adopt.
0.Arranged Marriages: Everyone should be able to choose who they love and want to spend their lives with.
0.Teen pregnancy: It's their choice, but it ultimately destroys a teenager's future.
0.Abortion: I'm for it. I know that if I got pregnant now, I would have an abortion because I wouldn't want to deal with my classmates knowing and walking out in public and being frowned upon because I got pregnant.
0.Drugs: It's good to experiment, but bad to become dependant.
0.Teenage drinking: Teens have to rebel somehow, but a drunk teenager should not drive. There should always be a designated driver.
0.George Bush: Complete asshole. The war with Iraq was a war for oil. All he cares about is himself and his oil buddies down in Texas.
0.John Kerry: Not the best, but better than ol' Georgey.

What is/are your favorite
"To err is human, but to forgive is divine." -Shakespeare
0.Band/Singer? Nirvana
0.Song? "Creatures" by 311, "Lithium" by Nirvana
0.Soda/Pop? Sprite, but I don't drink soda much.
0.Color? green
0.Movie? Moulin Rouge
0.Store? American Eagle
0.Sport(to play/watch?) Horseback riding

Other Stuff
0.What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are talking online and all they say is "hi, o, k, bye."
0.Your greatest achievement? Getting a 4.0 this year.
0.What is your biggest fault? I go out of my way for other people when I shouldn't. Sometimes.
0.What is your biggest fear? (new also) Spiders and losing the ones you love.
0.What do you do in your spare time..? Go to the movies, read, go on livejournal and myspace.
0.How did you find us? (specify which member promoted to you) __laurrrr

A Few More
0.Promote Us to Two Communites or LJ users & Link us to it- [This is MANDATORY and when it says TWO it means TWO and We will check the link-]

uno. dos.

0.tell us why you think you are Cute & Adorable? Ask my boyfriend.

[Place YOUR Picture here] (NO links & Make Sure ONE is clear)

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