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*.¸¸.·´¨`»...-*My Application*-...«´¨`·.¸¸.*
0.What do you like to be called? Kita
0.Any nicknames? Kita Bob
0.How old are you? 18
0.Chick or Dude? Chick
0.Whats your location? Ky, but i am not a hick
0.Sexual prefrence?: straight
0.Dating Status(if taken for how long)?: boyfriend 2 years
0.Tell us something about yourself. I am sweet, caring, and i love to make people laugh ;) and i love to shop

What do you think about…? *MORE THAN 5 FLIPPIN WORDS PLEASE
0.Love: It's great
0.Same-Sex Marriages: It's not right but i don't judge i mean it's anybodys own lilfe
0.Arranged Marriages: whats that?
0.Teen pregnancy: Nothing wrong w/ it if  you are ready to have a baby :)
0.Abortion: Murder
0.Drugs: dislike but i dont diss peopl that do
0.Teenage drinking: There is nothing wrong w/ that but i dont drink
0.George Bush: he is allright
0.John Kerry: dislike him

What is/are your favorite
0.Quote? "Never give up on the things that make you smile"
0.Band/Singer? 3 Doors Down
0.Song? "here by me" 3 doors down
0.Soda/Pop? Pepsi
0.Color? Pink
0.Movie? The Noteboook
0.Store? American Eagle, Hollister, Aeropostale
0.Sport(to play/watch?) Basketball

Other Stuff
0.What is your biggest pet peeve? Biting nails ugh
0.Your greatest achievement? Graduating high school
0.What is your biggest fault? i worry to much
0.What is your biggest fear? (new also) death
0.What do you do in your spare time..? read
0.How did you find us? (specify which member promoted to you) i was looking through the communites and it seemed very interesting

A Few More
0.Promote Us to Two Communites or LJ users & Link us to it- [This is MANDATORY and when it says TWO it means TWO and We will check the link-]

0.tell us why you think you are Cute & Adorable? I am sweet, i dress well, i smile all the time, i love to make people laugh :)

[Place YOUR Picture here] (NO links & Make Sure ONE is clear;

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