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*do I have what it takes?*

*.¸¸.·´¨`»...-*My Application*-...«´¨`·.¸¸.*
0.What do you like to be called?
0.Any nicknames? Herry
0.How old are you? 17
0.Chick or Dude? chick
0.Whats your location? Mass
0.Sexual prefrence?: Straight
0.Dating Status(if taken for how long)?: Single
0.Tell us something about yourself. Well, I've been taking Taekwon Do for almost 7 years now and Im almost a black belt. Right now I'm a red high, which means I have about  1/2 a belt to go :)

What do you think about…? *MORE THAN 5 FLIPPIN WORDS PLEASE
I think that once you find it you should hold on to it and never let it go. I think that sometimes people take love for granted and dont appreciate it until its gone or too late.
0.Same-Sex Marriages: I strongly believe that if someone loves another person then they should follow their heart and not be ashamed to marry their soulmate.  I also think that gay people shouldnt have to worry about coming out and telling people about themselves, but that would be a perfect world situation.
0.Arranged Marriages: I think it is completely unfair to force someone into a relationship. Marriage and love should be something that is enjoyed and not resented.
0.Teen pregnancy: I think that in most cases it is just a moment of irresponsibility that makes this an issue. I think that in most cases it can be avoided. I am also aware that in some other cases it cant be avoided and isnt their faults
0.Abortion: While I think its wrong to get an abortion, and that adoption is a better choice, I can respect other womens' beliefs and feelings on this situation
0.Drugs: I really dont see the point in drugs. I here people saying all the time that most people do it to seem "cool" but I think that it would make you look cooler and more confident and secure with yourself if you were to say no even under the pressure of others.
0.Teenage drinking:
I think any kind of drinking is irresponsible, and I dont see the point with this either. If you thirsty have a coke or something, theres really no need to go taking risks for nothing. I mean, who knows what you'll do while drunk, most times it's things you'll regret.
0.George Bush: I think he handled 9/11 alot better than what he gets credit for and I think he's a pretty decent president
0.John Kerry: I honestly dont know too much about John Kerry. Sorry!

What is/are your favorite
"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird, that cannot fly"
0.Band/Singer? I like My Chemical Romance and U2 but my favorites change pretty much weekly =P
0.Song? Miracle Drug
0.Soda/Pop? Diet coke or coke
0.Color? Orange or pink
0.Movie? Breakfast Club
0.Store? I like Kohl's :-P
0.Sport(to play/watch?) Taekwon Do, Volleyball, Horseback riding

Other Stuff
0.What is your biggest pet peeve?
I really hate the noise it makes when someone scrapes or bites ice. I also really hate when people lie
0.Your greatest achievement? Hm.. Well this year I competed in the Skills USA state leadership conference which is a big competition for students in the vocational schools. I competed in the district level and got bronze in Pre-School Teaching Assistant then I went on to the state competitions a few weeks ago.
0.What is your biggest fault? I trust people wayy too easily
0.What is your biggest fear? (new also) Being alone
0.What do you do in your spare time..? I like to hang out withor talk to my friends, shop, swim, babysit =)
0.How did you find us? (specify which member promoted to you) I think i just randomly came upon your user info page and decided to check it out

A Few More
0.Promote Us to Two Communites or LJ users & Link us to it- [This is MANDATORY and when it says TWO it means TWO and We will check the link-]

0.tell us why you think you are Cute & Adorable? Um aren't YOU members supposed to answer that?

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