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OPEN MEMBERSHIP. post art. snapshots. or be rated.

This community is for anyone and everyone who appreciate all things pleasing to the eye. Whether it be photography, painting, digital graphics, etc. Post your work or someone else's work that you enjoy and want to share with the community.

General Posts:
01.provide your name and any other information you want to share...
02.TEASERS: one picture before the lj-cut is fine but anymore than that should be thumbnails
03. use an lj-cut always with multiple pictures!
04. nothing innappropriate or violates livejournal's TOS
05. don't promote. its annoying.
06. please put the type of post and whether youre a new poster in the subject line.

for the html illiterate

You can either be rated on your art or looks, yes this is also a rating community, as long as you want to. You may submit just a picture post but be sure to make it clear you do not wish to be rated; or if you do in the subject line.
RATING ON ART: is only a simple critique of that person's work
ON LOOKS: Vote yes or no in the subject line if you find that person attractive.

If the majority votes are "yes's", you'll be added to the judging commitee and your vote for rating posts will double its value. If rejected, post again as many times as you'd like. Don't take it personal... it's just livejournal. This will not effect your membership in the community or posting capabilities. its just something extra to the community.

01. all the rules for general posts still apply.
02. be sure to put "rate" in the subject line.
03. keep it classy, don't be rude. (THIS GOES FOR APPLICANTS AND MEMBERS!)

IF ACCEPTED: When voting on rating posts... put in the subject line your vote (yes/no) and a "*" so the mod counting knows your vote is worth 2

this is not a place for snotty elitists where we bash people.... keep it posi!
being rude can result in getting banned! :X! and thats just lame.

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Vallery= _peace_and_love/////Carrie=sweeetemoootion
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__aftersundown any other canidates? eh eh?

&a special thank you to killyourselfxxx for the awesome layout.
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