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The Second Coming

Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
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This summary is courtesy of AdventChildren.net

"The story takes place two years after the end of Final Fantasy VII. The planet has become a peaceful place, industry and cities seem to be in ruins. However most of the surviving people have been affected by "Star Scar" syndrome (or Seikon-Shoukougun in Japanese).

Cloud has been living alone, likely having lost those who were his friends and companions in FFVII. He feels some guilt as to what he had done in attempting to save the world. Was it the right thing to do? Was it all worth it. He feels alone in the world as it is now.

In the trailers, we see Cloud riding through what looks to be the ruins of Midgar. He is attacked by an unknown attacker with what looks to be some kind of energy kind of weapon. A sword fight takes place between Cloud and this unknown enemy. The enemy has silver hair (although shorter than Sephiroth's) and wears tight black clothing.

We also see this unknown enemy bowing down to a person shrouded in a white sheet or cape from head to toe. He reaches out to take his hand and bows before him. A flashback of Sephiroth then appears on the screen. Is there some kind of relationship here?"

There really aren't any hardcore rules to this community. XD; Please, keep the talk focused on Advent Children or Final Fantasy VII. You can post communities if they're FFVII or AC related. Don't be rude, play nice. You may post pictures but if you're posting more than one or if its huge, please put it behind an lj-cut. You may also share fanfics and fanart. :D

Have fun!

1. Do not spam the community with anything that does not pertain to FFVII or Advent Children.

2. Spoiler cut your posts using an lj-cut, in the lj-cut text you may include a vague description.

3. If you don't include a spoiler cut the mods will delete the post as they see fit.

4. Do NOT put entries including a link to or a question about downloading soundtracks or the movie. Please refer to this post about entries about illegal downloading or asking where to acquire downloads.
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