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Too tired to come up with a subject title... so...

Ok, before I go into my post, there is something that I want to say. Out of all the live-journal communities I’ve ever been a part of, this one is by far my most favorite. I would like to thank pseudomachine and everyone (this includes all the current members) who has worked so hard to make and maintain this great community.

Now, with that being said, on with my post.

Like a lot of people, I’m playing FFVII (yes, I’m playing it AGAIN!) in order to get ready for the Advent Children. I love this game and like everyone out there, I just can’t wait for it to finally come out on DVD.

So far we’ve seen scans of the entire original cast of heroes (minus Cait Sith and Elena (yes, I know she was a TURK and that the TURKS where bad-guys, but I don’t CARE!… so NAH!) and we’ve been introduced to a few new characters who we have already fallen in love with. But... there is something sad about Advent Children for me.

Now, most everyone has agreed that the person in the wheelchair is either Jenova or Professor Hojo. This fact sort of bums me out because I really want to see Rufus brought back in Advent Children in same way shape or form. And, since I’m almost positive that the person in the wheelchair isn’t going to be my man with the plan, the only hope of seeing Rufus in Advent Children is going to be in a flashback scene.

So, after coming to terms with this, I was a little bummed out and then I hear a little rumor that Square Soft might be re-making/re-vamping FFVII for the PS2. Now, I know this is just a rumor... but could you imagine what it would be like if they did? Being able to play as characters that didn’t look like Lego-Land rejects?

Ahhh… I’m getting off topic... What was I saying? Oh yea, so Advent Children. I’ve sort of been sitting back and watching the community lately, not really saying anything worthwhile (just posting icons and what not), and I have a few questions and thoughts that I wanted to share before I wrap this post up. But, to be nice and spare a little room on your friends lists, I’ll slap it behind an LJ-Cut.

Why does Red XIII/Nanaki look like a giant ball of fur? Did he just come out of a dryer or something? Continuing the current thought about Mr. Ball-O-Fur, do you remember the scene after the credits in FFVII where you see him running with two (or was it three?) cubs behind him? Do you think that his lucky lady will be in Advent Children?

I’m curious, how many of you are planning on getting Advent Children on the new PSP that Playstation is putting out this Fall/Winter? Personally, I’ll get it for my DVD player unless they make it where you can actually play it like a video game on the PSP.

Is it just me, or does all the male characters so far in Advent Children look like they’ve been sleep deprived? Reno is the only one that looks like he’s well rested and I’ve always pictured Reno as the type of guy who sleeps a lot anyways.

Like most of you, I’m a little ticked off that Final Fantasy: Before Crisis isn’t going to be available in America. Personally, I think this further proves my theory that Square Soft is trying to force America to learn Japanese. I mean, they release these really cool special edition versions of games like Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix where you can actually watch Cloud and Sephiroth go at it (I mean fight, not f_ck! You sick freaks!) that are only available in Japanese. I could go on and on (like that damned pink bunny), but I won’t.

I was talking to a few of my friends about the characters in FFVII and we’ve decided that Cid and Barret had to have been modeled after Americans. I mean, they have that “I’m American so I’m better then you” attitude and they are the only two characters in the game that curse like it is going out of fashion.

I seem to remember a few posts back that someone was talking about Square Soft remaking FFVII and mentioning a few things they would like to see changed and a lot of things they wouldn’t like see changed. I can’t remember if I really contributed anything to that post and I wasn’t able to find it the other day (I wasn’t really looking to hard to be perfectly honest.), so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you now.
-~-> I would like to see more towns and cities, especially in Midgar. I would love to be able and go explore all of the Slums and rummage through people’s houses.
-~-> I hope to God that they don’t change the storyline, but I would kind of like a few more side quests. I would like to see them go further in depth with Vincent. Maybe a flashback scene like Cloud has when you first get to Kalm.
-~-> If they do remake this game, they BETTER improve the Chocobo racing. I love racing those stupid birds but it gets so boring after awhile. They should let you personalize them or something. Oh, and they should force Joe to bow before the greatness of my Gold Chocobo! (is all cocky since Joe has yet to beat him).
-~-> They really should make Ultimate Weapon harder to beat. I mean, the most difficult thing about U.W. is getting his drunk-driving ass to stop fucking flying around like he’s lost. I also think they should make Emerald (the one underwater) harder as well. Leave Ruby alone thou... that little bugger pisses me off.

Ok, it’s after 8 in the morning and I’ve yet to go to sleep so I think I’m done for now. Bye bye.
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