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HEADDESK -- Last Order sees American release

I'd heard there was going to be a limited/collector's edition release of Advent Children some time soon, but no one knew what would be on it. IGN revealed it a few days ago ...

It will retail at $49.95. "Tons" of extra bonus material includes:

* Ten collectible postcards
* English movie script
* Biographical character booklet
* Reminiscence of FINAL FANTASY VII Story Digest
* FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN: Venice Film Festival Footage
* Sneak Peek of Upcoming FINAL FANTASY VII Games
* Trailers
* Deleted Scenes
* The Distance: Making-of Featurette with All New English Voice Cast Interviews
* Anime Feature: Last Order FINAL FANTASY VII

Yeah, you read right. It's pretty much exactly the same features as the original dvd ... plus postcards, a booklet, a script, and LAST ORDER. Which we thought we just weren't going to get at all.

I'm not totally surprised, because after all, Last Order did only appear in a collector's edition in the Japanese release. But I'm pretty sure there were more things included in that release -- though I think it was also more limited and expensive. It also wasn't released ten months after the regular release.

Eh ... I will be buying it because I am a tool. I wonder if Last Order will only be subbed, or if they got the actors back to do a dub?

In other news, IGN also reports from Jumpa Festa that Crisis Core looks AWESOME (judging from a playable demo!).
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