Katya <3 (snarky_kat) wrote in adventchildren_,
Katya <3

Fic dump!

Title: Tales From The Beyond
Author: snarky_kat
Rating: PG
Characters: Zack/Cloud, Implied Zack/Aerith, Implied Cloud/Aerith
Being dead was damn boring.

Title: Jailbait
Author: snarky_kat
Rating: PG
Characters: Zack/Cloud pre-slash =D
Note: Mmm. Jailbait Cloud.
It had to be illegal to have eyes that blue, Zack decided.

Title: A Typical Friday Night
Author: snarky_kat
Rating: G
Characters: Zack/Cloud pre-slash
Notes: Has been sitting on my to-do list for many, many months. For revolizandiditt. Sorta.
"He'sh mine!"
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