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It seems that two mysterious figures have appeared on Gaia after an attempted scouring of the planet. People are recovering from the massacres that the Yvet ravaged across the face of their tiny world. All the while, these two lie in wait.

It seems that stranger and stranger things have begun happening. The dead are springing to life for some unknown purpose. Those who refused to join the lifestream and reach the promised land, those who wished to look upon their loved ones, those who thought their life had not ended. Warriors who stood at the brink of the living and the dead willing to fight for the planet's existance. So their own existances began again.

Mother Gaia is speaking in hushed whispers, warning her beloved children of another battle to come. There are those gathering in the shadows to meet their masters...Who are these people? What do they want? Why are they here? Were they too one of the risen?

I'm looking for good FFVII roleplayers. Most characters are open. I'm taking another shot at this now that Nano is over. :3 Please take a look!
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