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Victory Fanfare ringtone

I've wanted to have the Victory Fanfare music as my ringtone like Loz for the longest time, but I was nervous about downloading ringtones off of the net. A friend of mine introduced me to this site, which you can use to upload mp3 files and send them to your phone as a text message for free (you just have to wait a long time -- for me it was about 120 minutes -- for them to send it if you don't pay). So I experimented with it last night and tada! Now I finally have it as my ringtone.

If anyone is interested in trying to do it, I uploaded the little three second clip of the fanfare to SendSpace if you haven't got it: here. I was afraid it would sound like it ended kind of abruptly, (but if I made 4 seconds long then the post-fanfare/EXP totalling music started), but it sounds good on my phone. When you are uploading it on the website, I recommend you set the time for the ringtone to 4 seconds, so that there's a little pause between each ring.

Enjoy! I hope somebody finds it useful. :D Now if I only I could flip my phone open like Loz does (I'm scared of it flying out of my hands and breaking, haha ...)
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