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Name: Final Evolution
Rating: 17+ (this isn’t the age limit)
Short Description: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart character’s meet the mutant world.

In a sleepy, small, town in California, there is two rivaling special boarding schools that try out do each other in all areas. What makes these boarding houses so special? Well, their staff and kids that board there are mutants; meaning they are humans with special powers.
The first boarding school is called Balamb, and it has been up and running for about 30 years, taking in mutants from all over the world. The Balamb staff, while training the kids to control their powers and use them for good, also teaches the kids to believe even though they are different from the humans that they can work and live side by side together in perfect harmony, thus not causing any wars.
Galbadia is the second boarding house, which has been around and running for about 20 years now. Galbadia’s staff, while training the kids to control their powers and use them for their personal wishes, teaches the kids to believe that they are the next step in the human evolution, that they are better than humans, and that they should rule the human race. This is where the rivalry comes in: each boarding house thinks they are right in what they believe.
The two boarding houses go to the same public school to learn which causes even more conflict, almost as much as the two boarding houses fighting over new mutants that arrive in the sleepy town to live at one of the boarding houses.
Lumsden High will be starting in two weeks time and after an intense summer between the two houses they will once again be stuck in class to together and forced not to use their powers again.

Final Evolution / Character List / Rules / Application

We are open but always looking for characters!.

Wanted Characters:
Final Fantasy VII to X-2 minus XI
Kingdom Heart 1&2

Feel free to contact the mods.

[Dawn-Mod] shao_pai_long@hotmail.com or dawnmread@gmail.com
[Megan-Mod] mjelsasser@cabbit-kitten.com or dessaie@hotmail.com
AIM Contacts;
[Dawn-Mod] tiny draggie
[Megan-Mod] lkenie
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