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PAIXAO: A KINGDOM HEARTS RPG; since January '06!

Sora has locked the doors to all the worlds, but does one remain? Like a vacuum, it sucks beings from other places into its own, yet the reason for this is unknown. Dimensions cross in this place; anyone can come across anything, even different versions of people they once knew—both those alive, and those that have passed on—for there is more than one physical body and more than one time connected to every heart.

Whoever they may be, all that are chosen have to come find themselves in a very peculiar city—both its citizens and setting are timeless and innocent, resembling, perhaps, something pulled out of a children's fairytale, yet the situation at hand is only a premise for darker things.

The world of Paixao is indeed a curious one; the entirety of it seems to be encased within various domes divided into sections which change according to weather and time. There are neither plants nor animals in this place, simply faux representations of such: formed of stone, glass, fabric, and other materials—and in spite of this, food and drink is mysteriously plentiful. Its people are all blond and blue eyed, one-dimensional in personality, and apparently lacking the desire to question the workings of their existence.

The only creatures that inhabit the world, besides the citizens and the souls transported to the city, are strange white, blue-eyed creatures: Lumens. It's easy to compare them to Heartless, or rather, their opposite—it is easy to see they are the creatures born from a heart completely encompassed with light. They come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes even resembling the wildlife Paixao otherwise lacks. How they got there, why they are there, or who put them there is beyond anyone's knowing; however, thus far, they seem to be relatively harmless—if not helpful—beings that live true to their name. But as the saying goes... it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

SERIES/CHARACTER REQUESTS. - what we especially want! :)

We're looking for Turks. 8D
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