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Yazoo-Loz-Kadaj Fanfic Ideas

For some unknown reason, I am having a -major- urge to write a fanfiction featuring the incredibly hot trio. XD

I have some ideas; but they all seem to suck in my mind. =/ I need a central subject that I can work around... And I need someone's help to do that, I guess. o.o It can be a one-shot like thing, a couple chapters worthy, or whatever. I just want -something-.

I'd give you credit for the idea, by the way. :} Just mention like some daydreams you've had or something, that you'd like written down. O_o

I would also like to mention I despise random urges.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind if it featured any other characters. It doesn't have to be the three. ^_^

I'd prefer if it wasn't yaoi between them though-I think of them as siblings, you see. O_o

And sorry if this annoys anyone, trying to borrow ideas....
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