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newbie with ficstuff

Hi - I've been writing FFVII fic for most of a year, but just stumbled on this community recently. Rather than bore folks with introductory blah blah blah, I figured I'd offer up some newly written ficstuff:

Thirty for Three theme #21: Pet
Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, and some broken regulations.
PG at most.
Warnings: Shounen-ai leanings, though mostly a friendship fic in this one. Not dentistry-safe for tooth-rotting sugarfluff and wibbles.
Part of the Thirty for Three continuity

I've also got all my FFVII-containing ficposts tagged like this. I've written stuff in several different continuties besides the thirty-for-three timeline, including a bunch of one-shots and fan-fanfic for other writers. (Shout-out to ciceqi and white_aster here! if you haven't read their stuff, go read! Also go read miko_no_da, for whom I have not yet written fan-fanfic but must correct this heinous oversight One Of These Days (TM).)

...I should really get more organized. Anyway, happy reading!

(crossposted in ffvii_yaoi and possibly somewhere AC-related)

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