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Possible plot discrepancies between FF7 and Before Crisis

To start off with, this does NOT contain any major spoilers. It has some mild plot revelations.

While doing some sewing work, my fiance and I started talking about FF7ish things. Last night I had an sudden "But THAT can't be right!" moment. I've read the translations at Gunshot Romance, and it only had just occurred to me... Well.

To avoid confusion, and since this is a time line problem, the years BEFORE the start of FF7 will be referred to as -30, -25. -5, et ctra. Which means minus 5 years, minus 30.. Basically, subtract 30 years from the time the game sets in. Anything after (though I doubt I'll use it) will be +2, +4, and the like, which is plus two years at the end of FF7. Pretty sure that there's at least a year or so in the actual game.. but anyway.. The Nibelheim Sephiroth incident is - 5, while AC is +2.

Now. In Before Crisis, they mention that the first reactor ever built, the Nibelheim reactor, was built -55 (I'm assuming since it was present tense in BC, it was 50 years before that point in the game..) years ago.
However, Cid says, when you meet him, Shinra started building bigger and better engines and things, like the rocket, possibly Junon, and the Highwind, after the "meaningless war", which I assumed up until now that was the Wutai War about -15 years. He also says they started the Space Program about that time after the war, that after the Space Program was deflated, they FOUND OUT that mako energy itself was profitable (I assume here, that they had been building mako engines and the like for their weapons and the rocket, and of course, the SOLDIER technology).
Cid was around when the Space Program was going on.
He's only 32. He CAN'T be over 50. Unless they, like, had the whole town in cryogenic sleep for about 20 years.
It's safe to assume that they would NOT have made reactors UNLESS they had been actively developing the technology in their vehicles first, because the company started out as a weapons company.
Further more, if the Nibelheim reactor was built FOR Jenova, to house it or for the project, and it looks like it was, it could not have been built earlier than -29 years! I don't think it would have been easily remodeled.

Basically, I'm saying what BC is putting out is:

-55 years - First reactor built in Nibelheim. Didn't think that President Shinra was THAT old. He's only got a few streaks.

-32 years - Cid Highwind is born

-31 to -30 years - Jenova is discovered and Jenova Project is initiated

-22 years - Aerith is born

-15 years to 10 years - War with Wutai (I'm taking a guess at the length the war was, I'm basing it on what Zack says about joining up too late, and it doesn't take a night to become 1st class..) Junon is built (I'm guessing there, since I'm not too sure about that right now)

- 10? - Space program is funded, then abandoned (Does Cid ever say how long he's been cursing them out for cutting the program? He didn't when I played through..)

I'm merely thinking this is what happened, but I think that between these two times, the Shinra company discovered that the Midgar area was rich with mako and then started the Midgar project, since we see that in the game, Midgar's Sector 6 is still not complete. It might have been eariler or later.. but I can't see Cid being the best pilot in Shinra, and being only like 16 years old. >_>; They HAD to have made Midgar after they discovered mako energy in the home and such was profitable.

-6 years - AVALANCHE starts operations

-5 years - Sephiroth and Nibelheim incident

-4 years - Corel reactor is built, then sabotaged.

-3 years - Gongaga reactor is built, then blown up

What do you guys think? Is there other believable ways the Nibelheim reactor could fit, without being a major plot hole?
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