Meri (mercy_slays) wrote in adventchildren_,

Multi-Fandom RPG

If this is not allowed feel free to delete.

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This is a High School RPG that deals in Multi-fandom, generally leaning toward Anime, Manga and Video Game fandoms. We allow Het, Yaoi, and Yuri. This is an LJ and AIM based RP and we would love to see more people join us in our insanity. We allow magic, alchemy, Ninja Jutsu (though a supervisor must be present for students to act upon these skills!). Characters may be reserved for two weeks before being up in the air again.

All mods are ready to assist you if you need help so don't be afraid to ask for it! We want you all to have fun and enjoy your experience at RKA! So please join us!

Foot Note: Squall RPer is not a Squall/Rinoa Shipper. She wants a Seifer instead though Squall is Bi. If the Squall/Cloud relationship doesn't work. ^_^;;; Reno is Bisexual and Rper would like a Rufus, Tseng, or Reeve.
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