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Unofficial FF7 Card Game

It all started when my cousin and I saw an AMV for Advent Children to Pokemon music. I thought that it would be great! Pokemon and FF7 were meant to join. Well today we were talking about it and decided, we were bored and a card game should be established! So on the way to my house and back we talked over all the plans and we created our own little FF7 card game.
We designed these little cards and made rules. And I figure, why not share it? We have alot of cards so I'm not going to be posting all of them, but I shall be posting the rules&how to play, along with some sample cards! ^^

Unofficial FF7 Card Game
1. You may only have four people in your party and on the battlefield at a time.
2. Only a Limit Break can evolve you. Once you have attached your limit break to your character you must wait three turns before using this limit break, and once you have actually used the Limit Break, then you may evolve your person into their next Level.
       NOTE: You may only evolve if you have the next character stage in your hand.
3. You may only have seven cards in your hand at a time.
4. To attack with a weapon, you must equip that weapon to said character, and the character must be able to wield said weapon.

5. The four members in your party our the ONLY members that will ever be in your party unless you use a Phoenix Down from your hand to bring back one of your dead party members, or draw a new character from your MIDGAR pile.

6. Only one weapon can be equipped to a member of your party at a time.
7. Only up to two materia’s can be equipped to your party member at a time.

8. All Summon cards can only be used once by each party member.
1. First you part your deck into two decks, your MIDGAR (party members) pile and your ITEMS pile (which’ll have everything else)
2. then you shuffle both decks.

3. Draw four party members from your MIDGAR deck, and lay them face up infront of you.
4. Then draw seven cards from your accessory pile for your hand.
5. You attack your opponents party members directly, and whomever defeats their opponents complete party first, wins.

6. You can place Materia and Weapons on your characters to help strengthen them up. And you can evolve them so they are more powerful by using LIMIT BREAKS.

7. You can also by combining party members create the ultimate Sephiroth.



  1. Soldier!Cloud
    2. Mako!Cloud
    3. Cloud Strife

1. Bartender!Tifa
3. Tifa Lockheart


2. Barret Wallace
3. Leader!Barret


  1. Space!Cid
    2. Cid highwind

1. Yuffie Kiseragi

  1. NINJA!Yuffie
  2. AVALANCHE!Yuffie



1. Turk!Vincent

2. Vincent Valentine
3. Chaos



  1. Kadaj


1. Yazoo

1. Loz


  1. General!Seph
    2. Mako!Seph
    3. Jenova’s Son

    1. VP!Rufus
    2. President!Rufus

    1. Turk!Tseng
    2. Commander!Tseng

    1. Turk!Reno
    2. 2nd Command!Reno

    1. Rude
    2. turk!Rude

    1. Elena

1. Rod

NOTE: Only place First Stage characters in your MIDGAR pile, all upper levels of character go in your ITEMS pile, so you have a chance to Evolve!

 And now for some cards!
First&Second Stage Cloud Cards!

3rd Stage Cloud & SUMMON!ZACK cards!

3rd stage Sephiroth & Summon Jenova!

Some turks!


High potions&Phoenix Downs!


Limit Breaks!

It took us 6 1/2hrs to create all of the cards, and that's not counting the time spent making the rules and how to play. 
We would not mind sharing ALL the cards so that everyone could join in, because it's just fun fan-jazz. But please, we took a LONG time making this stuff, and frankly you don't have to say WE made it but like, don't claim that this was your idea and stuff
-is nervous-
But anyways, how do you like the game and stuff? Again, i would not mind sharing the whole game set!
Jeez, all this time goofing off and I should be working on my research paper for the first day of H.S. in two weeks...O.O
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