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Wikipedia questions and a Sephiroth ramble

Okay, so two questions about some... renaming that I saw on Wikipedia.

From the List of Characters page, under Kadaj - "Using the Bahamut Materia, he summoned Bahamut Tremor to destroy Midgar and search for Jenova's remains." ... Umm, when did it stop being Bahamut Sin? I mean, if this is in the Reunion Files, then I understand the change and won't question it further.

From the Before Crisis page - Veld is now Verdot. Okay I guess I missed the train on this back at E3, but could someone please direct me to anything relatively official on this? I'm sorry, but I'm a stickler for those kind of things.

And finally... a very strange thought I had today and would like some feedback on under the cut.

Okay, so we all know that the "Sephiroth" we follow in the game is Jenova assuming his form, ya? Well, I was thinking about this and came to a very interesting question...

What gender would this Sephiroth be?

I mean, the mind in control is male... but the body is...neither quite male nor female. Jenova , in and of herself, is neither gender but can assume either. (Since, Jenova has been refered to as a "her," a "him," and a "it.")

I mean, by all technical reason, gender is defined by the mind and not the body, so we would assume that the Sephiroth is male. But, in transforming from being gender neutral to gendered male, does that make the Sephiroth transgendered? (I should mention that in the original scritps that I translated way back in March, when we see the real Sephiroth in the mako crystal that he appears to be androgynous which just futher complicates things)

Beyond that question, there is another of what traditional pronoun would we use to indentify the character. I mean, "he" because that's what the mind is, "she" because that's what Jenova was assigned, "it" because that's closer to what Jenova is, or a "them" because it's in reality two beings linked as one? Obviously, Square chose "he" within the game's script. (And I tried skimming through the Japanese version for pronouns, but all I could find was Barret refering to Sephiroth with "yatsu." )

More and more, I'm leaning towards "them" since the two entities that make up the character seem to continue to function seperately, at least in part. I mean, something has to be said about lines like -

Sephiroth: Jenova will be at the Reunion. Jenova will rejoin the Reunion becoming a calamity from the skies.

- which can make your brain hurt when you think about how that's technically Jenova saying that to you. (Technically as in the one who's passing it through it's voice box and such.)

I guess I've just gone in a round-about circle in presenting/talking about this with no real answers, but if noting else I felt like seeing if anyone else had an opinion about this....
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