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When I should be sleeping... some icons, a little pimpage, and some goodies
Great collection of fan art and artists on deviantart, though it might have been linked here before x_X (at least it's not the cloud song! lol)
Plugging our ff7 (and more) myth research community! Basically, we research stuff like the meaning and origin of the character names, or a myth that part of the story might be based on and share it.
Custom sprites I made when I used to have my ff7 website up o.o also has some web graphics I made of some characters, though Sephy is the KH version.. :3 Use at your discretion. Enjoy

'Nother batch of FF7 classic icons! :D Yay And some AC too..!
As usual, don't have to comment or credit, but I love you guys cuz you do anyway.

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