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Tifa Lockheart(FFVII:AC) cosplay

This is my first time doing cosplay, and because Norway doesn't have any cosplay events, this is not as great as other cosplayers, since I don't have any experiences with it yet. And I don't even know any who has gone cosplaying either..bleh. xD

So any advises and comments are highly appreciated ^_^

WARNING! Contains some BIG pictures.

These pictures have gone through some photoshopping.

This is how I imagine the young Tifa to look like in her Advent Children outfit^_^(not really, I just needed an excuse for being so short xD) Anyways, the costume isn't done yet(as I'm sure you all notice), but I couldn't help myself from doing a photoshoot as Tifa xD

The boots and gloves are just something I had to rush with me in the last minute, because my bus was leaving. So I didn't have time to go look for the real gloves T_T

But hope you still enjoy!

#1 - My crappy cellphone which is dead by now xD

#2 - my fav so far<3

#3 - the teaser! xD

#4 - whoohooo my skirt xD

#5 - I do so not look like Tifa here o_O



#8 - flowerGarden

#9 - soft harmony--

I still got some pictures left, but I will post them another time ;D This will do for now ^_^

The fantastic photographer for these cosplay pictures is no other than the loveable infected_uterus. She is so damn good with the camera. I envy her for that >_>

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