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Home for the holidays...

I've posted some holiday fics at my ficjournal--mostly Tifa-centered, though the early Avalanche team and Cloud make appearances, and someone even managed to sneak in a little cameo :p Anyhow, I kind of bent the timeline of the game setting it 2-3 weeks later than it should be, but I wanted the plot events to coincide with the holidays metioned...and that's why it's called fanfiction anyway, right? :)

Last Christmas
The old Avalanche's last Christmas together

After-Christmas Special
How Tifa wound up in the sector 7 train station that day

Interrupted By Fireworks
New Year's Eve/The last night before the events of the game start

Hope you enjoy! The second is a little longer, but the first and third are both quite short, and though connected they do all stand alone :)
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