Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis (sakuragemeaux) wrote in adventchildren_,
Kiaran "Koichi" Dryaalis

Just an Aeris doll I made last week because I was awake at 3:30 in the morning and was bored. Didn't actually go to bed until 6:00 am that day after working on it and still hadn't finished it. Ha! Koichi has no life!

Yes, yeas. I now. Aeris' dress is supposed to be pink, but I wanted to see her in blue! I think she'd be gorgeous in blue. I know I've previously been known to hate Aeris with a passion, but now I love her. But I still hate pink, so I wanted to see Aeris in something other than pink. Blue, violet, green, and teal would be gorgeous colours on her.
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