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I swear I haven't been drinking

Yesterday, I was having some late morning sleeping in time (okay, so I fell asleep on the keyboard). Naturally, being it in the morning and having had a rough weekend, I skipped school and had my computer online, and was trying to stay awake downloading stuff.
I kept weaving in and out of conciousness, and I swear I must have been getting IMed and replied, because I vaguely remember accepting filetransfers from my fiance.

Today, even though I don't really remember much about yesterday morning, I found.. these... caps of Cloud.. in my downloads folder...

Imagine my reaction when I saw them.
I'm assuming he's been playing around with the game files again (He told me something like that later about having fun playing with models after I woke up). I can only think: And I thought Palmer's head as the Costa Beach Ball was bad. T_T

In other news however, I've got some yummy icon bases (and one fully functional yuffie icon) from the game for you all. :D


Don't need to tell me what you take and don't need to credit ^_^
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