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Newbie w/weird insights..

I'm new, but I'm not very good in doing introductions so I'm going to go ahead and skip all that mumbo jumbo before I start acting like my cousin (atone_ur_sins) when she introduced herself here.

Anyway, earlier today I've been wondering on what kind of voices the producers would use to play as the Silver Haired Men - Sephy clones, and um -ahem comes to a weird conclusion- wouldn't it be funny if Arnold Schwarzenegger was the voice of Loz? O.o I can just see it now...

Scene 1

Loz: Vote for me for governor of California! (My state, whee!!)

Scene 2

After beating up Rude in the FF movie...

Loz: I'll be back.

xD Yeah it's weird, something I thought of to amuse myself and my cousin. Sides' Loz is kind of an Arnold clone, or so they say ^_^;.
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