Stephanie (phoenixwind) wrote in adventchildren_,

In need of some screencaps.

Hey guys, I have a huge favour I need to ask of someone who has the ability to take high resolution screenshots of the movie. This is going to sound a little weird, but... I need some high res screencaps of Aerith's nose/profile. o_O I'm doing a personal little art project and I'm having trouble drawing her nose right, so I need some printable pictures of her nose from several angles.

I'm looking for pictures primarily from the Calling video, when she turns her head. I need pictures of her profile (her face from the side) and some 3/4 angles. Basically, a bunch of large screencaps of the moments when she turns to face the camera until it cuts back to Cloud would be absolutely fabulous.

If someone could do this for me [and I would love you forever if you could], then just reply here and I'll give you my email address. Thanks in advance!
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