Fenny!smile (gc_anthem_fan) wrote in adventchildren_,

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Cosplaying much?

Okay, I come over to my aunt 'n uncles house to see my little cousin Meleah (11yrs) and my other cousin Amber (14yrs) making capes that look like Vincents, they explained this to me and I was like, "oh my god, lets ALL dress up!" so me, amber, meleah, AND spencer (my other cousin 15yrs) all dressed up. They may not be the best costumes but for house hold items and made from scratch in 2hrs we did a damn good job.WARNING: there are two pictures where two girls (my cousin amber & i) kiss but we're dressed up as Tseng&Reno, so if that bothers you, um..don't look or something?
I play Tseng, Amber plays Reno, Meleah plays Vincent, and Spencer plays Cid...Whatcha think?

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