misfire (misfire_) wrote in adventchildren_,

this is probably completely off topic.   but my tv was on cartoons this morning.  

some show called coconut fred on the wb.   well i wasn't paying attention untl i noticed that they were doing a parody of video games.

the coconut was dressed up as cloud.  buster sword and all.... and he was going after this other character who was dressed as a deranged sephiroth marrying a watermelon in a dress.

it was the corniest and funniest thing i've seen.  the Sephiroth character through a bouqet of flowers at the wedding planner saying they were the wrong kind.  anyway, just thought i'd share.  wish i had a clip it was pretty odd to see cloud as a coconut.

all i could find out was the episode is called monkey business/ sir nutalot   (sir nutalot being the one)

sorry that this is totally off topic, but i didn't know who else to share it with.
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