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Life Fic

Now that the shiny of Advent Children has worn off...or not o.o

First off, many many thanks to the wonderful otilu for beta-ing my glorious mess of a story. You are sincerely appreciated! Also, apologies for the delay, but at least it's decent length, right? *sweatdrop*

Title: A Life of Time, 2/?
Length: ~4400
Rating: PG-13 to R, for now
Pairing: Eventual SxC (or even CxS) plus a smattering of others
Warnings: Eventual yaoi/slash, but gen fans should have no problems at the moment. Plus, many things getting shot and blown up.

Summary: Thrust back into the height of the Wutai War, Cloud Strife, now a battle hardened ex-SOLDIER, struggles to prevent the events leading to General Sephiroth’s betrayal and the burning of Nibleheim.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Final Fantasy or Square. Also, the characters, except for the fat private, are not mine.

Is it real? Probably not...

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