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Nobody knows what the tissues are for!

Um. I made a Reno mood theme for LJ.. it took me a while to make ^_^; but I guess I kinda forgot to post it here. I made it from one of my pixel dollz, so it's not just a bunch of screenshots or something. :) Hope you guys like.

Also thinking about doing the other turks, and Rufus, but I don't think I'll make 'em unless there's a demand. Takes a lot of work to get the expressions right. ^_^; Any wanters?

I was wondering if other people were confused over the issue of Tseng and his liveingness in AC too.
You know there's that big thing in the temple with Aerith crying and then Tseng stops moving, but:
(in the pc version, which is a more "accurate" translation)
Elena doesn't seem that upset at Icicle, and just says "something something messing my boss up like that!" and punches Cloud.
I know that she says "doin' my boss in" in the psx version, but it doesn't make sense because she's not, yknow really angry enough for him to be dead.

I get the feeling they wanted to leave it vague in case they wanted to bring him back into the story. They don't specifically say, and he coulda just passed out. What do you guys think?

It was fun finding out how much they leave out of the actual story in AC too. I didn't know that AC was set in a town called Edge just outside of Midgar until they said so in the Making Of. It's frustrating, but I guess it also kinda makes the story of FF7 more mysterious.

Also, this might seem kinda redundant, but people post a lot of stuff like mood themes, icons, layout, and such to ff communities, and I am tempted to start a community strictly for goodies like that XD
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