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Was going through a ton of old DoC vids I had previously seen and I totally forgot about this bit in one of them. It had me laughing for a while so I screen capped it and thought I'd share it....

Okay so was watching the vid and this bit with Lucrezia shouting "tearfully" (apparently) at.... something and then we see what she's shouting at....


Tis Vincent Valentine after Hojo had shot him and during the time Hojo decided to experiment on him...... Thats all serious and good but what had me absolutely laughing my head off was the fact that Vincent is still in his perfectly pressed Turk suit... *snerk* Doesn't he look dorky! But cute! The following scene in the video was of various clippets during the "testing" and "experimenting" stages of Hojo's project (on Vincent). You see the first limit break transformations and Vincent realising what he's become.... yet he doesn't do much in the way of blaming Hojo... not even shouting much other than some version of "What have I become?"/"What am I?" to which we get a nice smirk of Hojo... smug bastard *snerk*

So yeah.... Just thought I would share the geeky-ness and love!

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