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Sinking deeper into the fandom

Hihi all! Some of you may recall the post about my Kadaj license plates. I just added onto my insanity by purchasing a damn good replica of Kadaj's sword from True Swords. My only complaints are the lack of the tassle (which I plan to add) and the obscenely long handle. I guess it couldn't be helped, considering it's the same one as the Masamune. Anyways enough of my blabbering.

Come on- you know you would have done the same thing. XD

I just really really like this one.

Okay. I'm ready to be called crazy again. :p

Cross posted to kadaj_mafia

Edit: I wish to thank Saturninus for noticing that the earlier link to the True Swords webpage actually granted access to my account. You get cookies shaped like Kadaj! *^_^*
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