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The Wolf Debate

Ok...I would really like to put this topic to rest with some friends of mine, and I am sure it has been discussed here in the past, and as such, I am sorry for missing it. I would like to know if anyone actually knows they symbolism for the wolf that appears many times in AC.

I have heard many rumors, the most popular being that it represents Zack, however I don't believe this because he actually shows up in flashbacks and at the end, so why would he need the ghost wolf anyway? Many say it's Zack because the coloring, which I don't understand either...because Zack is a white male with black hair and violet/blue eyes...the wolf is brown and grey. Also, if the wolf was Zack, why would Tifa have the wolf ring, Cid have the wolf necklace, and Cloud have the wolf earring and shoulder badge?

I have also heard that the wolf is a guardian of the planet/lifestream and represents Cloud's past/will to fight. I have even heard the wolf is a manifestation of the spirit of Cloud's bike, which is called Fenrir. I have also heard that the wolf is Clouds equal to a totem/spirit guide.

I know there is great significance to the wolf, being as the scenes it shows up in, and its timing also seems to be related to Clouds problems/pain with the Geostigma, which leads me to believe that the ghost wolf is representing Cloud's pain/past...a link to his memories and possibly there is some merit to the idea that its a guardian of the planet or the totem/spirit guide idea.

If anyone actually knows the significance and symbolism of the beautiful ghost wolf, I would love to know...it's been bothering me for some time...

Thanks everyone.
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