Ardwynna Morrigu (ardwynna_m) wrote in adventchildren_,
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Aeris/Seph Ficcage

I've done more things for my fanfic100 AeriSeph claim, mostly drabbles, exactly 100 words long except where noted.

Hourglass [PG] - A study of the female form
Delicate [G] - Sephiroth knows how to use his strength
Whipped! [PG: Marriage!verse AU] - Seph is well-behaved. This is why.
Fear to Tread [G] - Entering the Sleeping Forest.
Wish [G: 149 words] - Aeris has one regret.

And I did a couple of Seph and Zack R-rated pieces a couple days ago, if boy-on-boy is more your speed. ^_~
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